Mr. Xiaojie Zhang

President Council IMO - Main lecturer

Panel 1: Impact of women on the maritime community, opportunities and challenges.

Birgit Sølling Olsen

Winner of the International Maritime Prize 2018"Lectured"

Juvenal Shiundu

Director of the Technical Cooperation Division – IMO "Lectured"

Lena Gothberg

Shipping Podcast - Panel Moderator

Panel 2: The Sustainable Development Goals related with the Ocean Governance from the Maritime Perspective

María Belén Espiñeira

IT&L Legal Consultants – WISTA Argentina"Lectured"

Mary Brooks

Professor Emerita Rowe School of Business "Speaker"

Eladio Peñaloza

Head Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre – Latin America "Moderator"

Panel 3: Maritime Industry Revolution in the Age of New Technology

Ms. Heike Deggim

Director Maritime Safety Division-IMO"Lectured"

Dr. Anita Teo

Technical Lead in System Design - Maritime Autonomous Operation. – Kongsberg "Speaker"

Max Mejia

Professor International Maritime University "Lectured"

Christopher O. Davis

President of the Comité Maritime International Moderator