International Maritime Organization

The International Maritime Organization – IMO is a specialized and technical body of the United Nations System, originated in 1948, the year in which the Establishing Convention of the Organization was adopted at a Diplomatic Conference held in Geneva. In this way, the IMO, initially known as the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization – IMCO, currently has 174 Member States and 3 Associate Members.

IMO is the global authority responsible for setting standards for safety, protection and environmental behavior for the international maritime transport. In that sense, its main function is to create a fair and effective regulatory framework for the sector.

Therefore, the Organization is focused on developing international regulations, which must be adopted and applied by the maritime administrations of each State.

Since its establishment, IMO has promoted the adoption of around 50 conventions and protocols, as well as more than 1,000 codes and recommendations on maritime security and protection, pollution prevention, facilitation of maritime transport, limitation of civil liability, among others aspects.


Kitack Lim was elected Secretary-General of the Organization by the 114th session of the IMO Council in June 2015 for a four-year period beginning 1 January 2016. The election was endorsed by the IMO’s Assembly at its 29th session in November 2015.

Mr. Kitack Lim (Republic of Korea) is the eighth elected Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization​.

vice President of Colombia

Marta Lucía Ramírez Blanco

The Vice President is a lawyer from the Javeriana University, a Master in Business Management and a Fellow at the Center for International Relations at Harvard University.

She has worked as a university professor and international consultant in topics such as business development, trade, security and regional development.

In the Government she has been Minister of Foreign Trade, Ambassador of Colombia in France and Minister of Defense, being the first and only woman so far to occupy that position, in which she promoted women to reach the high military ranks. She was also Senator and presidential candidate.

Throughout her career she has promoted the empowerment of Colombian women in the emotional, political and economic sphere through the project of Millions of Empowered Women, holding seminars throughout the country.


The General Maritime directorate – DIMAR, is the Colombian Maritime Authority responsible for executing the government’s policy in this sphere, ensuring the integral maritime security, the protection of human life at sea, the promotion of maritime activities and scientific development and technological of the Nation.

Extends its functions throughout the Colombian maritime jurisdiction: 928,660 km2, equivalent to 44.85% of the national territory, and in the 2,900 km of coastline (Pacific and Caribbean Coast), in addition to the main rivers located in the border areas, and on the Magdalena River in the final 27 kilometers before its mouth to the sea.

General Maritime Director

Vice Admiral Juan Manuel Soltau Ospina, has served as Executive Secretary of the Colombian Ocean Commission (CCO), Deputy Director of the Superior War College, Director of the Pacific Pollution Control Center, Director of the Center for Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research, Naval Attachment of the Colombian Embassy to the Republic of Chile, among others.

Vice Admiral is Master in International Relations from Salve Regina University, in National Security and Defense from Superior War College and Physical Oceanography “Almirante Padilla” Naval School of Cadets

Promoted to Vice Admiral in December 2017.